Shopify Wingman

Do you ever wish you had a partner who could take care of all the Shopify stuff for you?  Someone who would really have your back while you took care of the areas of the business you know best?  Every entrepreneur superhero needs a wingman -- a Shopify wingman!

That'd be me.

One of my favourite things to do is partner with businesses long term and take a load off their plates.  I can take my years of experience with Shopify and put them to work for you, not only taking care of your requirements today, but helping you to stay a step ahead of what might come tomorrow.   I don't just take care of technology -- I use technology to take care of you and your business.

Shopify Wingman is my standard retainer plan, and it includes:
  • a monthly or semi-monthly meeting to discuss your business challenges  and how best we can use technology to remedy them
  • monthly testing of your site across 10 different devices and browsers to ensure it functions and displays correctly everywhere, with a report of findings.
  • monthly recommendations and ideas for your consideration, based on newly-emerging best practices and upcoming threats/opportunities on the Shopify / eCommerce side, and a review of what some of your competitors are up to
  • capacity for up to 3 "small jobs" each month
  • 10% off my pricing for larger projects that are outside the scope of the retainer
  • first dibs on scheduling for those projects (translation: least amount of wait time for me to get stuff done for you)

Custom packages also available.  Contact me to discuss, I'd love to have a chat :) 

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