Overcome the Shopify Variant Limit by using Metafields

Shopify is pretty awesome, but even it, has it's limits.  Currently, one of the most cumbersome limits is that of a maximum of 3 product options, with a maximum of 100 variant combinations.

That might sound like alot, but it's quickly exceeded.  What if you want to have 20 sizes of engagement ring, with 3 colors of gold, and 4 band widths?  20 x 3 x 4 = 240 variant combinations!  Shopify just can't do it. 

The typical workaround has been to use a Product Options app, such as Bold Product Options or Infinite Options.  These apps both work well as a workaround to Shopify's variant limitations.  However, if you've used these apps (or others like them) for any length of time,  you have likely found that:
  1. you can't report on sales of product options
  2. product options on orders don't always flow through properly to fulfillment services
  3. you can't track inventory on product options
  4. adding/removing options can be a hassle

Since the release of Shopify 2.0 and native metafields, there's a new workaround -- you can use metafields as additional variants!  Stay tuned for more information on how, I've got some code built and will display a video soon.