Visual Product Builder/Customizer

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The market is crowded with mass-produced consumer goods.

Shopify stores that offer advanced customization options set themselves apart.

But it’s difficult to make the customization real to the customer when it matters most … before they purchase.

What you need is a product builder that lets your customers create their own custom product and see what it’s going to look like, in real time.

I can make that happen.

Give your store a premium, slick customization interface, without breaking the bank or committing to a monthly fee.

Enabling your customers to see their unique creation come alive in real time makes a huge difference in conversion rates. After all, once you’ve designed something yourself, it’s difficult not to buy it!

Having the product picture update dynamically provides instant gratification and a fun, game-like atmosphere. Your customers will spend more time on your site, which is directly correlated to increased conversion rates.

How it works: 

I begin with an initial consultation to determine your product’s specific needs. I’ll walk you through a couple different approaches you can take to make the customization interface a reality.

Once we’ve decided on which strategy suits your store the best, I will set up and configure up to 30 "components" for your customizer.

What’s a component? If your product has 3 parts with 10 options for each part, that would be 30 components (or 5 parts and 6 options each, etc.) You can add on more components and/or advanced requirements, and I’ll quote you a price for these add-ons before we get started.

Want to see how this looks in practice? Play around with the custom baseball bat builder I built for Prairie Sticks.