Instagram Marketing - Premium

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We eat with our eyes first, and likewise we shop with our eyes first, too!

Instagram was first launched as a social media platform for sharing photos and videos, and the culture remains the same today. Your customers are scrolling through Instagram right now looking for something to catch their eye and make them stop mid-scroll, so they can tag their friends. This method of word of mouth referrals can significantly increase your following!

Instagram marketing can:

  • Establish rapport with your clientele in an interactive platform
  • Connect with customers who aren’t ready to buy from you…yet!
  • Place your business and remain the first choice for your customers through recurring feed visibility
  • Provide feedback on what customers want and need from your business
  • Drive customers to your Shopify store
  • Offer FREE advertising & marketing

My team offers several different social media marketing packages, specifically tailored to the needs of Shopify. This service represents our Premium Instagram service, which includes:

  • Consultation Survey: Answer a series of questions that will help us determine your goals, skills, history, and how to best support you
  • Instagram Analysis & Recommendations: We will comprehensively analyze your store’s current Instagram strategy and provide specific, targeted advice about how your brand can optimize your presence on the platform to attract the right kind of followers
  • Written Content: Working within your brand’s tone and style, we will create a full calendar of social media posts for 30 days
  • Graphics & Photos: Receive branded cohesive graphics using your logo, perfect for sharing on Instagram with your posts, along with curated digital photos cropped optimally for Instagram’s feed & stories feature
  • Bonus: Weekly blog post topic suggestions (total of 4) for sharing on Instagram

Is budget a major concern? Check out our Basic Instagram Marketing service.