Easy, Accurate Data Entry

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If you maintain a large product catalogue, data entry can be a real burden. If you've tried outsourcing it, you've possibly found it more trouble than what it's worth -- between explaining what you need done, teaching the individual the ins and outs of your collections, tags, and variants, error checking, and error fixing, you might as well do it yourself. But you have a million other things to do.

Enter my data entry services. Applying Storetasker excellence to this area of work, I will carefully teach myself the ins and outs of your store and inventory, and then double check my understanding with you to ensure accuracy. I'll carefully make notes on all of this so that it saves time next time. From there, I'll do a sample selection of work and again, have you spot check that for accuracy, and adjust my notes accordingly. After that I'll run with the project, and I guarantee 100% accuracy, or I'll give you an hour free of charge. And the next time you send a file my way, I'll be able to hit the ground running.

This service is for 4 hours of data entry.