Professional Editing of Your Marketing Text

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Revitalize your website copy by working one-on-one with a professionally trained editor.

This in-depth copy-editing service goes beyond simple proofreading. Copy-editing means hiring a professional to show you how to revise your website copy to leverage language to maximum effect. The result? Website copy that’s not just correct, it’s also clear, consistent, compelling, and above all, converts.

This copy-editing service is ideal for copy that is:

  • Drafted but still has a work-in-progress feel
  • Getting a little old and needs to be updated to reflect how your brand has evolved
  • Awkwardly worded and is not performing as it could
  • Well-written but needs tweaking for readability on screens.

We can copy-edit all types of marketing materials, including:

  • Blog posts and content-marketing pieces
  • Marketing emails
  • Static webpages (homepage, about-us page, FAQs, etc.)
  • Category and product descriptions
  • Anything else that’s made of words

Our Process:

We’ll begin by consulting with you to make sure we clearly understand what you want your words to do. We can tailor our services to your specific store’s needs and your business goals. Once we have a plan, we’ll duplicate your website copy to a separate document.

My professional editor will then carefully read your copy and make specific line-by-line recommendations to show how you can optimize your store’s marketing copy. Editing is done using Microsoft Word’s revision features (track changes and bubble comments).

You’ll then have a chance to review the recommended edits—accept the ones you like, reject the ones you don’t. Professional editing is personalized writing advice, but you’re the expert in your brand and what will resonate with your customers.

Once we’ve gotten your feedback on the editing, we’ll go through the document for one final “cleanup” pass and proofread it to ensure it’s ready to go live.