Multi-Product Quantity Calculator

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If you offer products with dynamic pricing—where the quantity or price changes depending on which product options a customer chooses—then you need this kind of calculator on your website.

Let me illustrate what’s possible with an example of a product calculator I built for a quilting business.

When the customer enters the length and width of the quilt they want finished, the product calculator automatically calculates:

  1. How much it will cost to would be to quilt the quilt (square footage X base price)
  2. How much batting is required (based on the square footage, with multiple options for various batting types at different price points)
  3. How much edge binding is required, and how much it costs (calculated based on the length of the border, in linear feet)

Once the customer clicks "Add to Cart," everything is loaded with the correct quantities of each product.

1 click. No errors. And convenience = conversions!

This service includes 1 set of customer data entry fields (i.e. length and width) and then up to 5 products with calculations performed upon that data.

Additional products or data entry fields can be added upon request, for an additional fee.