Facebook Messenger Bot with Recart

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It’s not just you and your store—advanced spam filters have put everyone’s email open rates at an all-time low.

Imagine how your store could grow if you improved your open rate from 8% to 80%.

It’s not impossible. That’s what Messenger Bots are doing for stores like yours, every day. If you’re not taking advantage of Facebook Messenger for your marketing, you’re falling behind your competition.

Set up correctly, Messenger Bots are powerful, profitable marketing tools. They’re useful for:

  • sending out promotions and sales,
  • browse and cart abandonment,
  • shipping and tracking info,
  • taking payments,
  • review capture,
  • and putting a friendly face on your brand.

This service is for setup of our Basic Bot, using the popular and reliable Recart app. I’ll pre-program a “welcome to my shop” message, as well as conversation trees for the top three requests I get:

  1. A Support Conversation: This can reduce time spent on support by up to 35%.
  2. Cart Abandonment Reminders: Automate this and take back some of the 75% in lost sales on abandoned carts.
  3. Sales and Promotions Template: Get the word out about your exciting new deals with an unbeatably high open rate (80%). This service includes the set-up for one sale or promotion, and I’ll provide you with instructions on how to set up future ones yourself.

Once you have the Messenger Bot set up, you’re limited only by your imagination. Think of the possibilities:

  • A Repeat Customer Bot—Track regular purchases and push reminder conversations close to their estimated repeat order time.
  • A Gift Buying Assistant—Help Grandma find just the right gift for her nephew.
  • A Personal Shopper Assistant—Guide your customers through your product options to help them find the right size, fit, and style.
  • Shipping and Tracking Information—Order confirmation and shipping notifications are a great way to earn trust. Make sure they’re seen.
  • Payment Assistant—Help customers right when they have questions, at check-out time, and you’re more likely to make the sale.
  • Review and Photo Review Assistant using Loox
  • Fun Quiz Bot: Give people a chance to fall in love with your brand (because not everything has to be serious.)