Facebook Marketing - Premium

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Your customers are on Facebook, are you? With over 2 billion users, Facebook continues to be a popular choice for connecting with friends and strangers alike, making it a top venue where word of mouth referrals take place. Word of mouth referrals hold a lot of value when consumers are looking to make purchases, either in person or online.

Social media marketing on Facebook means creating content that’s relevant to your audience and shareable to the people who matter most to your business: your current and prospective customers. However, while effective, it can be time-consuming and comes with a steep learning curve. We can help you.

We will audit your existing Facebook presence and provide specific recommendations on how you can use Facebook more effectively to support your business goals. Are you worried about creating content? We've got you covered in that area, too! Let our experienced team of Shopify experts take care of the details to get your social media presence ready to flourish.

This service represents our Premium Facebook package, which includes:

  • Consultation Survey: Answer a series of questions that will help us determine your goals, skills, history, and how to best support you
  • Facebook Analysis & Recommendations: The social media marketer on our team will comprehensively analyze your store’s current Facebook presence and strategy, and then provide specific, targeted advice about how your brand can optimize your presence on the platform to attract more of the right kind of followers
  • Written Content: Working within your brand’s tone and style, we will create a full calendar of social media posts for 30 days, all post-dated to publish automatically
  • Graphics & Photos: Receive branded graphics using your logo, perfect for sharing on Facebook to use with your posts, along with curated digital photos cropped optimally for Facebook
  • Bonus: Weekly blog post topic suggestions (total of 4) for sharing on Facebook

Is budget a major concern? Check out our Basic Facebook Marketing service.