Automatic Product Comparison Charts

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If you have a wide selection of products with comparable features, a product comparison chart helps customers orient themselves within your inventory and quickly find the exact product they need.

Makes Choosing the Right Product Easy
Getting this right reduces friction in your customer’s buying experience, which normally leads to more sales.

Reduces Returns
Making it easy for customers to find the right product for them—the one that has the features they care about—can lower your return rate.

Stop Wasting Time Updating Images
Many merchants use images to provide product comparison charts, but these tend to display poorly on mobile devices. It’s a clunky solution, since images are time-consuming to update when product features change, or new products are added or removed.

I can build a product comparison chart for your Shopify store. Once it’s set up, your product comparison charts will always stay up-to-date. The information on the chart is populated automatically, because uses your existing product tags to determine the chart columns & values.

This solution:

  • Works on all device types
  • Updates automatically when you change a product’s tag, add a product to the collection, or remove a product from the collection
  • Facilitates conversions, because each product on the chart includes a link directly to the product page
  • Depending on your needs, the chart can be set up to display symbols (like a checkmark representing which products include the specific feature), or actual values containing further details (like product dimensions or materials)